Forever Against Animal Testing – Add your online signature by the end of August!

Ohio House Rabbit Rescue is teaming up with The Body Shop at Easton Town Center to promote their Forever Against Animal Testing campaign. 80% of countries still allow animal testing! We are joining forces to speak about OHRR, while helping The Body Shop reach their goal of 8 million petition signatures to present to the UN General Assembly in an effort to end animal testing everywhere and forever.

Midwest BunFest 2018 Logos Unveiled!

There are less than 100 days until Midwest BunFest 2018! This year we had more Sponsors, Vendors, and Rescue Partners register than ever before. Then, we had not one, but two amazing logos designed by the talented Penny Collins. This is shaping up to be the best Midwest BunFest yet! For more information about Midwest BunFest 2018, please visit our website