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Year of the Rabbit Shirts – Now Available!

At the end of 2022, Ohio House Rabbit Rescue was greeted with two very special stray rabbits – Astrid and Jane. Unfortunately, by the time these amazing girls were rescued, they were already pregnant. By the end of December, Astrid welcomed a litter of 8 babies, and Jane gave us 6. While the babies are adorable, it started the year with a bang for OHRR! With spays, neuters, wellness checks, any treatments required, and RHDV2 vaccinations, these 14 adorable babies will add to OHRR’s vet care costs.

Please help us celebrate the Year of the Rabbit by purchasing a shirt featuring Astrid or Jane. If you can’t decide on a design, you probably need both! The funds raised from these shirts will go directly to the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue to help cover the costs of the rescue bunnies, including the 14 new little ones that have deemed 2023 their year.