OHRR is currently leasing a 4,073 square-foot property, spread across 18 rooms of varying sizes. Most of these rooms are used to house adoptable rabbits, which OHRR determined to be enough space for 25 to 30 rabbits in 4-foot-by-4-foot enclosures. This amount of space, which meets House Rabbit Society national standards, provide an excellent environment for the bunnies during their stay at the Adoption Center.

OHRR also has reserved a room for basic veterinary care, an intake room for new rabbits, and two rooms for a rabbit play area. We also have two small kitchens, a laundry room and a combination library and meeting room to host a variety of programs and events.  In the entrance of the building, there is space for a rabbit supply store, which is a great location for rabbit owners and others to buy high-quality supplies and rabbit-oriented materials!

The Ohio House Rabbit Adoption Center is funded through donations, store sales and other rabbit-related services, grants, special fundraising events and partnerships with businesses and organizations. OHRR is conducting a three-year fundraising campaign, Be the Voice, to fund the purchase of the Adoption Center. We encourage you to Be the Voice for the many abandoned rabbits in our community by giving to the campaign! A contribution to the Ohio House Rabbit Adoption Center is an excellent opportunity to make a big impact in a small organization, and donors at all levels will be recognized.  A big thank you to everyone who has already shown how they can Be the Voice for abandoned rabbits.  Check out a complete list of contributors below.

We want to thank you in advance for your support of Ohio House Rabbit Rescue!

Click here to learn more about how you can Be the Voice for abandoned rabbits in Ohio!

Click here for giving levels, pledge forms and information on how to give!

Thank you to everyone who has shown how they can Be the Voice for abandoned rabbits:

Nancy Betz               Beverly May               Pat Barron               Rosemarie B. Wendt  

Joanne Allsop               Diane and Dirk Cantrell                 Carl and Karen Winstead (in memory of Zoe)

June Hinkle               Mary Beth Parisi               Kim Banks              

The Yassenoff Family               Barbara Oglesbee, DVM               Susan Borders, DVM

L. Kathleen Fliehman               Dr. Ellen L. Betz               Allison Coleman

Gia Lamanna               Lynda White               Judy deRoche               Timothy Wright

Kimberly Eplin               Beth A Savage              Leslye R. Creek

Anne S. McIntyre               Stephen and Helen Parisi             Loraine M. Treneff

Cara Cox (in honor of Ping and Pong)               Dianna Wears (in memory of Tigger)

Sherri Jacobs               Dale Brubeck              Shannon Morrison

Barb Armitage and Robert Shapter               Adrienne Lang               Brian Caulley

Carol Costa and Michael Pikosz               Patricia and Kirk Groves               Chris Smithies

Terri and Graham Montigny              Susan Daniel               Chris Baker

Margaret R. Mosher               Jacqueline S. Bates              Janice Ackers

Aynonumus               Ian Hamilton               Michelle Johnson               Amy Lewis

Nancy Beattie (in memory of Connie Inglis)

William D. Mascari               Megan Kadel-Edwards              Jennifer I. Elin               Jan Perry

Mary Rose Molinaro                Peggie A. Betz               Muhammad Mashwani

Mary Ribar               Carrie A. Levicki               Erin Sherer               Christina Rodgers

Lisa McDonald               Josh D. Vittie               James W. Downey

Christy Frost               Cara Haughey and Ian Ackers               Robin Craft

            Jennifer Cheavens               Amy Shears

Emily Fagundo, DVM               Geraldine Rea               Rachel Denholm

Rebecca L. Allen               Linda A. Bourassa (in memory of Dakota)               Anonymous

John S. Moreland            Jessica M. Lucius               Alison Betz

John W. Moreland               Catherine A. Jung               Anna Ackers

Terri D. Cook               Regina Dowdy          Janice Vidosh

Patti Brant               Amber Behanna               Sara Erickson               Jessica Cucka

Monica Cocci               Michelle Smith               Dorene Henebry               Aimee Dotson

Amy Mott               Sunje Schwarz                 Allison Turbee               Stephanie Molly

Gail Pieniak                 Michelle Koren               Greta Parker             Stephanie Welsher

Vancee Cerasini               Monica Keise               Molly Semones

Natalie Pitheckoff and Jeremy Meche (in memory of Mr. Domino)

Julie Ankrom               Anonymous

Capital Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center

Lowe’s Home Improvement- Dublin


Liberty Elementary School- Penny Harvest

The PETCO Foundation

Pet Photography Ohio

Small Pet Select

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  1. Bernie

    I would like to adopt a female Holland lop. I have an eight year old male holland lop who just lost his eight year old female lop

    1. Julie Wolfe

      So very sorry to hear about your loss. We offer assistance with bonding at the center and would be happy to help. You can email us or stop by during the open hours to speak with our adoption coordinators to set up a time to bring your bunny in to meet some bunnies –

  2. Laura

    Do you know somewhere i can have my 9 month old rabbit spayed?

    1. Julie Wolfe

      We typically recommend Norton Road Veterinary Hospital. Also, The Animal Health Organization offers low-cost options.

  3. Wade Carman

    There are three rabbits on my street that are obviously former pets(2 white,1 black). They are very tame and comfortable around people, you can practically walk right up to them. We see them out nearly every evening
    I’m concerned that these bunnies will not survive winter on their own and trying to find an outfit that could catch them and adopt them out to loving homes
    If this is something your organization could hep with please contact me at +16147438738
    Thank you and hope you can help these beautiful bunnies
    Wade Carman

  4. Laura Donovan

    We lost our bunny this week after 13 years of having this sweetie in our life. Her brother crossed the rainbow bridge about two years ago. I have a nice enclosure and various supplies. Is there any place I could donate these items that would be helpful?

    1. Julie Wolfe

      Laura, we are very sorry for your loss! We would gladly accept any supplies you’d like to donate to the bunnies. You can feel free to bring anything you’d like to donate to the Adoption Center at 5485 N. High Street
      Columbus, Ohio 43214. We’re open this Sat / Sun afternoon. We’re usually open Weds evenings from 5:30-7:30 as well, but we’re closed this Weds for the holiday.

  5. Mary

    Can I donate my bunnies there ? My daughter bought it for her pet , now she is not that interested to them , two perent bunnies and 5 baby bunnies , let me know

    1. Julie Wolfe

      Please see our Admissions page for information on the admissions policy, waitlist, and an application for owner surrender.

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