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Ohio House Rabbit Rescue (OHRR) was founded in 2009 when longtime rabbit owner, Beverly May, saw the need for a rabbit-specific rescue in Central Ohio.  After rescuing nine abandoned rabbits, May realized that not all domestic rabbits in the community were as lucky.  In fact every year in Central Ohio alone, over 900 rabbits are offered for surrender at animal shelters or rescues that are already at full capacity.  Rabbits not placed in a shelter are frequently released outdoors, which is a death sentence for the fragile, prey animal.

OHRR seeks a solution to this animal welfare problem by establishing and operating the Ohio House Rabbit Adoption Center, a facility that provides temporary housing and care for 25-30 rabbits at a time.

OHRR is comprised of a Board of Directors,  and a diverse Teams of Volunteers.  All are working to operate the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue Center.  Two of the Volunteer Team members have extensive experience in establishing and running a successful not-for-profit organization.  Other Team members have backgrounds in marketing, communications, development, corporate strategic planning, education, animal sciences, interpretive work, event planning and journalism. OHRR is funded through donations, memberships, grants, special events, and partnerships with businesses and organizations. OHRR does not receive government funds.

Major Goals

  1. Host and Sponsor of the Annual Midwest BunFest in Columbus, Ohio – a multi-state educational exposition and fundraiser.

  2. Continue a successful Capital Campaign to fund the Ohio House Rabbit Adoption Center: A rescue, education, and adoption facility in Columbus, Ohio.

  3. Build both our membership and volunteer base through community outreach and special events.

  4. Obtain grants, corporate funding, and individual contributions to support educational programs, build capacity, and fund the Capital Campaign.

  5. Build relationships and collaborations with other animal rescue organizations, local businesses and corporations.

  6. Develop educational resources and programming on the proper care of rabbits as indoor companions.

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  1. Katie Phillips

    Hello. I was wondering if you guys just allow people to adopt these rabbits you have here at your facility or do you accept rabbits as well?

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