Owner Surrender and Relinquishment

  • Please help us provide great care for this animal by thoroughly completing the following information. Thank You!
  • Surrender Rabbit Profile

  • - I am the owner of this rabbit or the owner's representative acting upon the owner's consent.
  • - I have been offered support and information to help me keep my rabbit but decline it at this time.
  • - I understand that I will be charged a non-refundable donation of $40/$60 to admit this rabbit to Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, Inc.
  • - I understand that Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build and operate a Center for rescued abandoned pet rabbits, offer a robust adoption program, and provide educational resources and programming on the proper care of rabbits as indoor companions.
  • - Rabbits with unmanageable illness or contagious disease and rabbits that pose a health or safety risk to people or other animals and cannot be handled safely may not be candidates for our adoption program and may be humanely euthanized. Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, Inc. cannot guarantee adoption or placement of any rabbit. Sometimes health, age, or behavioral problems become evident after admission or our veterinarian/staff discover them upon examination or evaluation.
  • - My signature below reflects that I have read and understand the above information and that I am releasing all rights and claims for this rabbit to Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, Inc.