Beverly May, OHRR Founding Director and Planning Team Chair, is currently the treasurer and CFO of a very successful non-profit educational organization, the Teaching & Learning Collaborative, a position she has held for 6 years. She had the initial vision for the rabbit rescue group because she has parented rabbits for 20 years and has seen the need for a focus on the rescue of rabbits in addition to cats and dogs. Beverly oversees the largest OHRR foster home and is a member of the Columbus House Rabbit Society.

Pat Barron, Chair of the OHRR Board of Directors, has served for 18 years as the Director of a non-profit organization, the Teaching & Learning Collaborative and its predecessor organization, the Science & Mathematics Network. Both organizations focused on science and mathematics professional development for teachers. She has overseen statewide professional development programs and has experience in grant writing and corporate development. Pat also Co- Chairs the committee that plans Midwest BunFest and is a member of the Columbus House Rabbit Society.

Kim Banks, OHRR Board Member, is mom to a bonded pair of rabbits, Louis and Frosty Paws, and has a varying number of OHRR fosters in her house depending on the day.  She works as a naturalist for Preservation Parks of Delaware County and also has dogs and turtles. Her first rabbit was found abandoned in a park in 2002 and since then she continues to be surprised by their humor, intelligence and resilience!   She dreams of world in which all the  “I had a rabbit once…” stories have happy endings!

Cara Haughey, Director of Marketing and Development, graduated from the Ohio State University with a degree in English and Political Science.  She previously worked as an intern for both Franklin County Special Olympics and Green Columbus, and developed skills in nonprofit marketing and development.  Cara has a longtime commitment to animal rescue and welfare and is a member of the Columbus House Rabbit Society.  She is also mom to Maple, a rescue dog from Franklin County Dog Shelter, and Ash, a rescue kitty.

Barbara Armitage is Co-Chair of the OHRR fundraising event, The Mad Hatter’s Tea: A Silent Art Auction.  She is a retired educator with a master’s degree in human resources management. She has a strong commitment to animal rights and welfare issues and has been the parent of several rescued animals.

Robert Shapter is Co-Chair of the OHRR fundraising event, The Mad Hatter’s Tea: A Silent Art Auction.  Robert served for 20 years as an editor for the Columbus Dispatch and 5 years at Suburban News before the Dispatch. He has volunteered with educational literacy groups and has a long-term commitment to animal rescue and adoption.

Brian Caulley is a lifelong Columbus resident with a love for High Street culture. Brian works in distribution by day, and a Geography undergrad by night.  In between work and school, Brian is a street cycling fanatic with four adopted rabbits: Delwyn and Ginger (a bonded pair) and Boudreaux and Nutmeg (also a bonded pair). He became interested in OHRR and animal welfare not long after he found Delwyn munching on grass in an abandoned lot near his neighborhood. Brain is in the process of creating new events and fundraisers for OHRR, and helps connect OHRR with popular community festivals.

Mary Rose Molinaro has 10 years’ of experience as the bunny mom of 10-year old Bunya and 4-year old Mufasa. She is also the kitty mom of Baby, Smokey and Larry. “M.R.” is a member of the Columbus House Rabbit Society and has served as a foster parent for both CHRS and OHRR. In addition to her experience as a PR and Marketing executive, she is a professional voice-over talent, a calligrapher, and the vocalist and business manager of the Z# Big Band.

Shannon Morrison is the race director of Run Your Buns Off.  A runner for 10 years and bunny mom to 3 critters, she wanted to give back to the community by combining her love of running with her love for her rabbits.  She currently works for the Ohio Board of Regents and is finishing her Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education.

Amy Shears has 10 years’ of experience working with rabbits. She is a mom to rabbits; Chase, Little Bunny, Charlie and Ava. She is also a mom to a cat named Angiamelina. She is a lead rabbit volunteer for Capital Area Humane Society. She also fosters for Capital Area Humane Society, does bonding dates and educational events. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management and currently works in the healthcare field. Amy is also a member of the Columbus House Rabbit Society.

Dana Donnelly has many years of volunteer and fundraising experience with a focus on animal rescue and animal welfare. She also does important work surrounding an ongoing donation drive of supplies for rabbit sanctuaries around the world. Dana is also comfortable networking and is not afraid to ask for things “we” need; whether it be monetary, service oriented or material.

Allison Coleman is a volunteer at the Capital Area Humane Society and a member of the Columbus House Rabbit Society.  She was introduced to the bun world by a little white rabbit hopping down her neighborhood street.  The little guy inspired her to become more involved with helping homeless animals.  You can find her during the day at The Ohio State University working at the Office of Student Life. She also earned her BSBA in accounting from OSU and enjoys being a Buckeye!

Cara Cox is a rabbit lover who volunteers her spare time to help both the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue and the Columbus House Rabbit Society. She has been a professional graphic designer for 20+ years and enjoys using her design skills for fundraising and marketing materials used for helping all rabbits that need a forever home.

Sherri Jacobs has been a bunny mom for 1 year to Thumper and decided to adopt a handsome bunny named Arvin.  Since then, she decided to get more involved with OHRR.  During the day, she works for Chase and attends Heritage College for Health and Hospital Management.

Pam Waclawski has always had a place in her heart for rabbits, and is currently the mother of Boris, a rescued English Bulldog. She uses her graphic design and photography talents to promote the organization and help rabbits get the loving home they deserve.

Carol Costa has over 15 years’ experience as a trial attorney, and she offers her skills in research, writing, and public speaking to OHRR. She is mom to Tess, a 10 year old adopted bun who secretly prefers to be addressed as “The Contessa” by her beloved human servants!

Angie Corney is a Lead Volunteer and Adoption Facilitator for OHRR. She became involved with rabbits in 2002 when a dwarf hotot rabbit was found abandoned in an apartment complex. After rescuing her first bunny, Alice, she became dedicated to learning about rabbit care and enrichment and also made a pledge to actively support cruelty-free cosmetics. She loves to talk about bunnies and is dedicated to teaching fellow humans how to care for their bunny friends! She is currently a bunny mom to Pepper and doesn’t believe that it is possible to “spoil” a bunny.

Join the Planning Team!!!

OHRR is always looking for talented people to join our Planning Team.  Our Planning Team members meet monthly, and they are the core of OHRR. Planning Team members organize and create fundraisers and events, create marketing materials, manage social media accounts, and discuss the future of OHRR. If you’re interested in joining, contact Cara at