Many bunny owners would love to expand their bunny family, but are worried about finding the right fit for their home and their current bunny. Some have even tried multiple potential bunny friends without much luck.  At the Ohio House Rabbit Adoption Center, we want to be sure that you find the bunny for you, and we’re here to support you through the entire bonding process.

Before coming to the Center, please check out our website for a list of our adoptable rabbits. If there is a rabbit on the website that you would like your bunny to meet that is in a foster home, let us know ahead of time so we can get the rabbit from the foster home and into the Center for your bunny to meet.

Plan on being at the Center for about 1-2 hours.

When you bring your bunny to the Center, we will set up an x-pen that we will put your bunny in to do the dates. We will then ask you to walk around and spend some time with the rabbits and decide on 3 rabbits you would like your bunny to meet. Even if you have your heart set on one rabbit, we still like to try 3 rabbits. This will allow you see how the date goes with the rabbit you prefer compared to other rabbits. Sometimes the rabbit you pick isn’t the one your rabbit would pick. That doesn’t mean you can’t adopt the rabbit you picked, but it may mean the bonding process will be longer.

Once you have picked the 3 rabbits that you would like to try, we will bring one into the x-pen with your rabbit. The bonding expert at the Center will get in with the two rabbits to observe their behavior and be there to stop any fights and prevent injury. We ask that you don’t get in with us. The reason for that is that if they do start to fight, it is easier to stop the fight if there isn’t anyone else in the x-pen. But you can be right outside the pen to watch all the dates. If the date seems to be going well, you can get in if you feel comfortable.

During the dates, we do not have anything else in the pen that the rabbits could fight over, that includes litter boxes. We have found that even if you put two litter boxes in, they will both want to be in the same litter box. We also want them to pay attention to each other.

We repeat the process with each of the 3 rabbits you picked. After we finish, we can try any of them again. We just want to watch your bunny’s behavior to be sure that he/she is not getting too tired. If it has been 2 hours, your bunny may be ready for a break. Sometimes we will even take a break between the 3 dates and give your bunny some water and hay.

After the dates are done, we talk about how they went, and who seemed compatible and who didn’t. We will coach you on continuing the bonding process at home and the best way to set up their x-pens. If you need to borrow a x-pen until they are bonded, we will lend you one. In addition, our bonding expert will provide continuing support through email. Every bonding is different as every rabbit’s personality is different, and we have found it’s best if you have someone to reach out to if you are not sure how to proceed at home or if you have a question. We will also do in-home bonding visits to help out.  We want the bonding process to be enjoyable and successful for everyone involved, especially you and your bunny!

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  1. Marlene Ball

    I’m considering adopting another bunny. I have a lionhead unneutered. He is litter trained and never caged. He has dental issues so can’t chew cords etc. He doesn’t care for alot of attention. But I love him dearly. I’m just extremely worried he wouldn’t accept another bunny. Id love to come to your facility but you are a couple hours away. It would be far to much of a ride for Peanut. Do you have advice o. How I could adopt. Id probably keep the other bunny in a very large cage. I take Peanut to the vet every 2 months for checkup and “pedicure”. He gets his front teeth filed. Peanut is my 4th house bunny. I really wish you were closer

    1. Julie Wolfe

      I will forward this to our director and have her reach out to you.

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