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Shelly's Story

Bunny mom, Katie Wolfe, and Shelly today

Unlike some of our more tragic intake stories, Shelly’s journey started off simply. Shelly’s owner had put her on the surrender waiting list due to her son developing allergies. She was estimated to be 5 years old at the time of her intake.

Shelly settled in at the Adoption Center and quickly captured the hearts of our volunteers. 

Shelly went to the vet for a standard wellness visit and spay. During her spay, it was discovered that she had several masses in her uterus, which is common for females that are not spayed. The masses were considered abnormal and Shelly was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The masses were removed and the hope was that the cancer had not spread.

Later that year, Shelly was adopted and we celebrated as she moved into what we thought would be her forever home. Unfortunately, that was not the case and when Shelly’s new owners moved a year later, they brought Shelly back to the Center.

Upon her return, it was clear that Shelly’s age and health issues had started to take a toll. We took her to the vet for another wellness check, where she was diagnosed with severe arthritis of her spine. Secondary to this condition, it was suspected that her previously diagnosed uterine cancer had spread.
Shelly’s health issues made it difficult for her to use her hind legs. She was unable to groom her ears and eyes on her own and her front legs accounted for most of her mobility. Still, her spirits were high and Shelly was not ready to give up. We continued to provide her with pain and nerve medication to keep her comfortable, in addition to monthly trips to the vet in order to keep tabs on her health.

Unfortunately, given her health issues, it was determined that Shelly was not a viable candidate for another adoption. It was expected that she would live out the rest of her life at the OHRR Adoption Center until one day when we were approached by two of our volunteers. They wanted to make their home Shelly’s forever home. Shelly is now living a life of luxury and comfort where she has more attention, love, and toys than any one bunny could know what to do with.

Shelly enjoying life in her forever home

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