Although many people know about the risks and benefits of spaying/neutering their dogs and cats, some don’t realize that you can also spay/neuter your bunny! Luckily, groups like Ohio House Rabbit Rescue and House Rabbit Society Chapters are making an effort to change the way people think about spay/neuter for bunnies, and we’re able to connect rabbit owners with experienced veterinarians to do the surgery.

First, spaying/neutering your bunny is one of the best choices that you’ll make for your family.  Because they no longer have the urge to mate, altered rabbits tend to be calmer and less aggressive than unaltered rabbits.  That means more petting, snuggling and bunny kisses!

Next, spaying/neutering is best for your house. Altered bunnies are less prone to destructive behavior such as chewing and digging, and they’re much easier to litter train.  Also, unaltered male rabbits will spray to mark their territory, a nasty habit that can be avoided.

Spaying/neutering is best for your bunny.  Unaltered rabbits are prone to certain, reproductive cancers, and the risk of getting these cancers is virtually eliminated by spaying/neutering.  Also, while it’s almost impossible to bond an unaltered rabbit due to sexual/aggressive behaviors, spaying/neutering allows bunnies to be successfully bonded to a new bunny friend.

Finally, spaying/neutering is best for the future.  Spaying/neutering ensures that you and your bunny won’t be responsible for unwanted litters of rabbits, meaning you won’t be contributing to the problem of bunny overpopulation.

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  1. Beth

    Could you please send me the contacts for veterinarians in central/southern Ohio who spat/neuter rabbits?

    1. Julie Wolfe

      We have a listing of rabbit-friendly vets around Ohio on our Vets page.

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