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Support the “Stop Abandoning Rabbits” Campaign

Join us in our mission to stop the abandonment of rabbits. Ohio House Rabbit Rescue is launching a fundraiser with a powerful message: “Stop Abandoning Rabbits.” Every year, countless domestic rabbits are left to fend for themselves outdoors, facing a grim fate. With your support, we aim to make a difference.

Our fundraiser features a meaningful design with a poignant message on the back, reminding everyone of the harsh reality faced by abandoned rabbits. “It has to stop. Every year, unwanted domestic rabbits are abandoned outside with their wild counterparts.” These words encapsulate the urgency of our cause.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will directly benefit Ohio House Rabbit Rescue. Your contribution will help us care for rescued rabbits, including those rescued as strays after being abandoned. By purchasing a hoodie, t-shirt, or sweatshirt, you’re not just getting a piece of clothing; you’re supporting a vital cause while communicating an important message and giving these abandoned rabbits a chance at a better life.

Join us in spreading awareness and making a real difference in the lives of these innocent creatures. Together, let’s put an end to the abandonment of domestic rabbits and ensure they receive the care and love they deserve.