You are currently viewing OHRR License Plate: Learn How To Order Your Plate Here! (FAQ Included)

OHRR License Plate: Learn How To Order Your Plate Here! (FAQ Included)

OHRR License Plate: Learn How To Order Your Plate Here! (FAQ Included)

The wait is over! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the OHRR license plate. Now available to motorists across Ohio, you can easily showcase your love for bunnies and raise awareness for rabbits and rescue just by driving.

“This initiative will help rescue and find loving homes for house rabbits in Ohio”, says Beverly May, the Founding Director of Ohio House Rabbit Rescue. “By purchasing our specialty license plate, you’re directly contributing to the rescue, medical care, and adoption of abandoned, neglected, or abused pet rabbits. Funds raised will go towards supporting our adoption center, educational resources, and community outreach. Every plate sold helps us save more of these wonderful animals.”

Ohio House Rabbit Rescue is very grateful to State Representative Beth Liston, who sponsored legislation to create the license plate and to our volunteers, Tracy Wiczer, who led the effort, and Elizabeth Niswander, who designed the plate, for their help in making this logo license plate a reality.

See below to learn how to get your very own Ohio House Rabbit License Plates.

Thank you to everyone who supports OHRR – we couldn’t do this without you.

FAQ: Ohio House Rabbit Logo License Plate Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase an Ohio House Rabbit Rescue plate online?

1. Go to
2. Choose BMV Online Services, right on the home page
3. Choose “OPLATES”
4. Log in
5. Choose to exchange your plates
6. Add personalized plate info if you want to choose what your plates say
7. Click “Choose logo plate”
8. Then, choose “OH HSE RABBIT RESCUE”, and check for your desired wording if you are personalizing your plate.

9. Follow the rest of the prompts and wait approximately 20 business days to receive your plate in the mail

What if I want to order at the BMV?
At the BMV, you will receive a form to fill out. Give this back to them and you will receive your plate in approximately 20 business days.

How much does it cost?
The logo fee is $25. There are two fees that make up this cost: $15.00 contribution, and $10.00 BMV. Other costs are below. It is $50 to personalize your plates (annually), but you do not have to do so.

How much is it to exchange plates?
There is a $50 fee (and annual fee) for personalized plates. If you do not personalize and instead have a random plate assigned to you, there is no extra charge.

I have a regular license plate and I want to switch to a logo plate, what do I do?
You can either purchase online or fill out a form in-person at the BMV. See above.

Can I keep my current plate number and order it with a logo plate?
If your previous plates were system-assigned, and you wish to stay with system-assigned plate numbers, you will receive new plate numbers, the old ones will not be used. This incurs no extra cost.

Who is eligible to use this logo license plate?
Any Ohio motorist

How much is it to keep my specialized plate?
$25 for the rabbit logo, per year

How much is it to personalize my plate?

Which vehicles can use this license plate?
Passenger vehicles, non-commercial trucks, recreational vehicles, house vehicles, non-commercial trailers, and unconventional

How long does it take to receive my plates after ordering?
Approximately 20 Business days

What are my payment options?
Valid Payment Type(s) are:

  • Credit/Debit Card (a $1.82 Service Fee will be added)
  • PayPal (a $1.82 Service Fee will be added)
  • Electronic Check

I am up for renewal, and want to get a logo plate. How does that work?
Unfortunately, you can’t send in your plate order with the registration form that was mailed to you. Purchasing a logo license would be separate, and will take about 10 minutes online. Or you can fill out the form at the BMV. Be sure to tell the BMV employee that you want to change your license plate if you go there to renew your vehicle registration. The vehicle registration and license plates are shipped separately.

Do I need one or two plates?
As of 2020, a change in Ohio law requires only one license plate on the back of the vehicle. Front license plates are optional.

How many characters can fit on the logo plate?
Since it is a logo plate, it can only fit up to 6 letters/numbers.